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Thursday, May 01, 2008

American Anthropology Association elections

American Anthropology Association and AAA section ballots are now online. You will need your username and password to access the ballot. All ballots must be cast by 5:00pm Eastern time on May 31st.

The Society for Linguistic Anthropology has elections for President-elect and for one Member-at-large. Monica Heller and Kathryn Woolard are on the ballot for President-elect; Paul B. Garrett and Barbara Meek are on the ballot for Member-at-large.

All AAA members may also vote for Executive board members representing Archeology, Biological anthropology, and Linguistic anthropology, as well as an undesignated member of the executive board. There are also three positons on the Nominations Committee, three positions on the Long-range Planning Committee, two on the Committee on Ethics, three on the Committee on the Status of Women in Anthropology, three on the Committee for Human Rights, three on the Committee on Minority Issues, and three on the Committee on Public Policy. Descriptions of each position can be found here.

Candidate statements are embedded within the online ballot (click on the page icon next to each candidate's name). Statements don't seem to be available outside the ballot, so I can't include links to them.

Finally, there is a resolution from the AAA Annual Meeting opposing military action in Iran.

All AAA and SLA members are urged to vote before May 31st.


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